The view from Tim’s waterfront porch as a rocket is launched from KSC a few miles away.

Tim Trott grew up reading the entire Hardy Boys series (the branch library finally just gave him their entire collection), along with such authors as Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. Later, he began writing for radio newscasts and commercials. Fast-forward past careers in broadcasting, security contracting and web design and hosting, he published a few non-fiction titles (a biography of “Sky King”, a manual for WordPress, a study guide for drone pilots) before he was challenged by the local writers group to try fiction. Tim always loves a challenge.

Tim has his own take on science fiction and the paranormal, where his short stories are often based on real science or theories. Some short stories involve work experience or a focused study on a particular topic.

Tim gained an early interest in aviation, inspired by the Sky King television series. His dad had once piloted gliders back in Rochester, New York before Tim was born. Tim once worked in an avionics shop and later passed the FAA student pilot exam and accumulated only three hours in his logbook. His interests soon turned to drones, and he passed the FAA drone operator test the first day it was available (08/2016). He turned that experience into this textbook to help other drone pilots pass the Part §107 UAG exam. He has since trained a few thousand drone operators through the book and his online video courses and live virtual classes. Teaching comes naturally from a family history. His mother was an elementary teacher, his aunt was a music teacher and high school principal, and his father repaid part of his college tuition as an assistant physics instructor. Tim studied broadcasting and media at St. Petersburg College in the late 60s while working in local television and radio.

Tim Trott passed the FAA’s Fundamentals of Instruction test. Then, he completed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Instructor Certification training at Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee. Tim received FAA approval for one of the first 400 grants for exemption (#11636) under section #333. Next, he passed the Part §107 Remote Pilot exam in the first hour of the first day it was offered, on August 29, 2016, and was issued the UAG Remote Pilot Certification. We said he loves challenges.

He began writing seriously after an early retirement from a blend of several careers, ranging from broadcasting to security systems and sound system contracting to website development and hosting. He now lives on the east coast of Florida, where he can sit on his front porch overlooking a canal waterfront and watch launches from the Kennedy Space Center over the treetops.

Tim Trott can be found on Facebook groups focused on science fiction or Florida authors. The future promises a continuing series of science fiction short stories as well as more non-fiction works. His Facebook account is featured here:

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