Tim Trott took to writing at an early age, sending daily reports of a YMCA trip to Mexico to the Orlando Sentinel. He grew up reading the entire Hardy Boys series (the library finally just gave him their entire collection), along with such authors as Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. Later he wrote for radio newscasts and commercials. Fast-forward past careers in broadcasting, security contracting and web design and hosting, he published a few non-fiction titles (a biography of "Sky King", a manual for WordPress, a study guide for drone pilots) but was challenged by the local writers group to try fiction. He has always loved a challenge.

Tim has is own take on science fiction and paranormal, where his short stories are often rooted in real science or theories. Some shorts stories are based on work experience or a focused study on a particular topic.

Tim began writing seriously after an early retirement from a blend of several careers, ranging from broadcasting to security systems and sound system contracting, to website development and hosting. He now lives on the east coast of Florida where he can sit on his front porch overlooking a canal waterfront and watch launches from the Kennedy Space Center over the tree-tops.

He can be found on Facebook groups focused on science fiction or Florida authors. The future holds a continuing series of science fiction short stories as well as more non-fiction works.

My Books

New Books Non-Fiction

Broken Border

Understanding the Global Forces Shaping the Immigration Crisis Coming March 25, 2024 PRE-ORDER NOW – HERE “Broken Border” explores the historical, social, and political dimensions of undocumented immigration. From the early waves of migration to contemporary challenges, the book unveils the complexities […]

Biography New Books

First Through the Fire

NOW ON PRE-SALE FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 10, 2024 (Amazon.com)The biography of Talbert Gray, in his own words. Edited by Tim Trott I am privileged to have known Talbert in those early times, but I was not aware of what he was facing. […]

Short Stories

What If… Science Fiction Short Stories (Volume 1)

A collection of a different kind of Sci-Fi and Paranormal short stories, asking the question: “What If?” My latest writing adventure is fiction, mostly consisting of science-fiction and paranormal short stories, with a twist of reality mixed in. It’s a new direction […]

New Books Non-Fiction

Understanding WordPress 6.x for Beginners

Are you intimidated by new Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress? You don’t need to be. I’ll guide you through the functions, one by one, step by step, helping you gain confidence by doing. WordPress powers almost half the websites on the Internet, and […]

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