Tim Trott, the author, has a diverse range of writing styles and interests.

Science Fiction and Paranormal: Tim Trott’s short stories and novels often blend real science or theories with imaginative elements. Some of these stories draw inspiration from his work experience or focused studies on specific topics. His unique take on science fiction and paranormal themes sets him apart.

Non-Fiction: Trott is not confined to a single genre. He delves into both non-fiction and fiction writing. His ability to explore various worlds, emotions, and adventures through words makes his work intriguing and multifaceted.

 Aviation: Inspired by the Sky King television series, Tim developed an early interest in aviation which resulted in a biography of Kirby Grant (Out of the Blue) and a drone operator’s textbook, FAA 107 Study Guide

Whether you’re like thought-provoking science fiction, captivating paranormal tales, a mix of non-fiction and fiction, or just non-fiction, Tim Trott’s writing offers a delightful journey for readers.

My Books

New Projects Short Stories

Brown Bean Coffee Shoppe (a composite novel)

This book is a collection of short stories depicting the adventures of Samantha Wilson, a young single woman in her early twenties. Her special talents extend beyond concocting the perfect morning beverage for her customers when she reveals certain psychic abilities. Sam […]

New Projects Novel

Moon Station Horizon (a novel)

A moon base has been established. Assigned to explore the moon’s potential mineral development, newly arriving science astronauts face unexpected challenges, and not only from the hostile environment. This science fiction novel is set in 2039, as Dr. Eva Ramirez settles into […]

politics and government, republican party, reference resource, party of no
New Books Non-Fiction

The Party of NO – A Reference Resource

This book is handbook of sorts, an alphabetical index of legislation that has faced opposition from members of the Republican party. In the tumultuous landscape of American politics, the clash of ideologies often finds its battleground within legislative chambers. The following chapters […]

New Books Non-Fiction

Broken Border

Understanding the Global Forces Shaping the Immigration Crisis “Broken Border” explores the historical, social, and political dimensions of undocumented immigration. From the early waves of migration to contemporary challenges, the book unveils the complexities that define this crucial issue. The narrative traces […]

Biography New Books Non-Fiction

First Through the Fire

NOW ON SALE (Amazon.com)The biography of Talbert Gray, in his own words. Edited by Tim Trott I am privileged to have known Talbert in those early times, but I was not aware of what he was facing. He was humming a tune […]