This book is a collection of short stories depicting the adventures of Samantha Wilson, a young single woman in her early twenties. Her special talents extend beyond concocting the perfect morning beverage for her customers when she reveals certain psychic abilities.

Sam is always brewing up something unusual and often involving her friends in the adventure.

samantha Phillips

Georgiana Philips, a television news reporter for a local television channel, becomes involved in many of Samantha’s adventures. She is in her early twenties and interned in Atlanta before accepting an outside reporter working the noon and afternoon news reports at the local channel. She often is her own camera operator, driving the news truck to news locations for live reports. Her goal is to become a studio news anchor.

Detective Ronald Johnson is involved in several of Samantha’s adventures. Detective Johnson, a seasoned veteran of the police force, has dedicated his life to law enforcement since graduating from the academy. Now in his late 40s, he is a hardened investigator with a face etched by years of relentless casework. Though open-minded about Samantha’s paranormal abilities, he remains discreet, keeping his “secret resource” hidden from his superiors. Johnson maintains a professional, confidential relationship with Georgiana, frequently serving as her trusted source of information.

Marge, the coffee shop manager, plays a supporting role. Marge is the consummate organizer, tending to details, and not above cleaning tables. We come to know Marge as a woman in her late forties. She is fastidious and efficient. Marge has wavy shoulder-length auburn hair.

The Brown Bean Coffee Shoppe serves as the setting for most of the adventures. The high ceilings, a signature of the 1940s architecture, are covered in intricate metal plates that glint softly under the warm lights of the heavy iron paddle fans.

The air was filled with the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, mingling with the sweet scent of baked goods from the counter, creating an irresistible invitation to linger.


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