Tim Trott, the author, has a diverse range of writing styles and interests. Let’s explore some facets of his work:

Science Fiction and Paranormal: Tim Trott’s short stories and novels often blend real science or theories with imaginative elements. Some of these stories draw inspiration from his work experience or focused studies on specific topics. His unique take on science fiction and paranormal themes sets him apart.

Non-Fiction: Trott is not confined to a single genre. He delves into both non-fiction and fiction writing. His ability to explore various worlds, emotions, and adventures through words makes his work intriguing and multifaceted.

Aviation Enthusiast: Inspired by the Sky King television series, Trott developed an early interest in aviation. This passion occasionally finds its way into his narratives, adding an exciting dimension to his storytelling.

Whether you’re seeking thought-provoking science fiction, captivating paranormal tales, a mix of non-fiction and fiction, or just non-fiction, Tim Trott’s writing offers a delightful journey for readers.

My Books

Short Stories

What If… Science Fiction Short Stories (Volume 1)

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FAA 107 Study Guide – Major Updates

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