A collection of a different kind of Sci-Fi and Paranormal short stories, asking the question: “What If?”

My latest writing adventure is fiction, mostly consisting of science-fiction and paranormal short stories, with a twist of reality mixed in. It’s a new direction for my writing. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but as with my non-fiction work, there’s still a large amount of research involved.


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Time Has Echos

What If: Echoes of Time?

Two young women’s lives become intertwined when one’s nightmare reveals a sinister stalker who haunts the other’s reality. A rising news anchor, faces the torment of an obsessed admirer, while a seemingly ordinary barista, possesses a unique ability to navigate the echoes of time. Together, using their wits and courage,it’s a race against time as they confront a chilling threat.

What If – Ghosts Could Talk?

Alex experiments with a Software Digital Radio and discovers a strange signal that appears to be coming from a cemetery. He gathers his college friends and they go on an adventure to find the source. Alex is the science nerd, while Jack is the adventuresome type. Emma is the team leader, and besides, she has a convertible. Maya is into ghosts and the paranormal while Liam is always the skeptic. The five enlist the help of their college science teacher to solve the puzzle.

If Ghosts Could Talk
A Camera Sees Through Time

What if – A Camera Could See Through Time?

Thirteen-year-old Ethan stumbles upon a mysterious camera at a local second-hand store in a European city. Little does he know the camera holds the power to peer into the past, revealing long-lost secrets and embarking him on an adventure to uncover the truth. As Ethan explores the hidden realms of time through his special camera, he discovers the past has a way of weaving into the present, leading him on a journey of self-discovery, adventure, and unforeseen consequences.

What If – We Saw the Aliens?

When a couple witnesses a close encounter with a flying saucer on the beach, they report their experience, only to face ridicule and a visit from the mysterious Men in Black. But the couple’s suspicions are raised about these “investigators”.

We Saw the Aliens
The Company Bought a Robot

What If – The Company Bought a Robot?

R.O.S.C.O.E. stands for “Robotic Office System for Communication and Operational Efficiency”. An Artificial Intelligence Robot arrives at a large corporation and ends up solving a crime. For the I.T. department, it’s an exciting new toy. For some employees the robot is viewed as a job resource. Others view it as a job threat. Things become tense when a hacker invades the company network and an intruder tries to break through the employee entrance.

What if – The Aliens Came?

Rumors of a mysterious space alien lurking in the woods captivate the imagination of a quaint lakeside town. As the speculation escalates, Deputy Mike Reynolds is called to investigate. Amidst swirling tales of extraterrestrial encounters, the deputy must confront the truth behind the rumors.

The Aliens Came
Dreams Speak

What If – Dreams Could Speak to Us?

After a rather minor traffic accident, a woman lies in a hospital bed in an unexplained coma. The doctors don’t know what to do until the her older sister finds a clue in a dream. But will the doctors believe her?

What If – Parallel Universes Are Real?

A NASA scientist discounts the concept of a parallel universe advanced by a friend and co-worker. Then he suddenly finds himself in a different version of his own reality. Is it a dream or is it real? When he wakes up the next morning, things are back to normal. Or is it the next morning? James Cooper is forced to consider the impact of even small decisions he has made and the effects they could have on himself and on those around him.

Parallel Universes

What If – An Alien Saved the World.

The story begins with two space aliens antagonizing the crew of a Japan Airlines cargo jet, Flight 1628, and expands to include a secret treaty, an American President, and an ICBM missile base. Then, aboard a nuclear submarine, the command is given and the button is pushed to launch the missile… But is it fiction or is it science?

What If – Interview With an Alien?

A global broadcast brings an enigmatic extraterrestrial visitor onto the world stage, and questions of ancient legends, alien involvement in history, and the nature of human existence are addressed. Speculation becomes reality as the visitor’s revelations challenge long-held beliefs and ignite intrigue, skepticism, and fear in equal measure. The line between fact and fiction blurs, leaving humanity to ponder how it would truly react if such an encounter were to be a reality.

Interview With an Alien

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