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The Face in the Coffee Cup

Through a vision in a coffee cup, Samantha discovers she has another paranormal talent. Her friend and television reporter, Georgiana Philips, introduces her to the world of Remote Viewing, and together, they once again help solve another crime.

The Face in the Coffee Cup

The Perfect Candidate

When a presidential candidate is disqualified at the last minute, the political party is faced with an impossible task. They must quickly find a new candidate. There is a mad scramble in Congress to pass new laws to pave the way for a candidate incapable of making stupid mistakes. What could possibly go wrong?

Date Night, a love story

Hank and Evelyn reminisce over six decades of shared memories. Through their heartfelt exchange, the essence of enduring love and the beauty of their lives together unfolds, leaving a bittersweet yet hopeful imprint on those who share their story.

Last Date

The Quantum Mirror

A scientist invents a mirror that reflects not just physical appearances but alternate realities, leading to a mind-bending exploration of parallel universes and the consequences of meddling with the fabric of reality.

Space Can Hear Your Fears

The massive engines ignite, propelling the spacecraft and its crew into orbit, headed for the last mission on the space station. As they prepare for docking, the mission commander hears faint whispers. Other astronauts have reported hearing sounds, but this time is different. Is it a warning?

Space Can Hear You
Space Can Hear Your Fears
Aliens in the Bible

Aliens in the Bible

The stories are not hidden. They have been right there as far back as hieroglyphics on the ancient tombs. A geologist’s controversial translation of the ancient writing reveals a disturbing depiction of Biblical history that could place him in danger from some unexpected places.

With painstaking precision, Dr. Cohen deciphers the cryptic hieroglyphics, unlocking a shocking revelation—a narrative woven into the fabric of Biblical history that defies all conventional understanding. The texts speak of extraterrestrial beings, described in vivid detail as celestial messengers descending from the heavens to impart “divine knowledge” upon humanity.

Messenger of Doom

In the turbulent landscape of Earth’s near future, a clandestine alliance between corrupt government officials and the enigmatic cult leader known only as Malachi threatens to plunge the world into chaos. With his hypnotic charisma and mastery of dark arts, Malachi enthralls his followers, promising salvation while secretly plotting to seize control of nations and economies.

As whispers of corruption and conspiracy echo through the corridors of power, a small group of unlikely heroes emerges, determined to expose the truth and halt Malachi’s insidious agenda. With time running out and humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, a defector must navigate a treacherous web of lies and deceit, uncovering shocking revelations that shake the foundations of society.

Messenger of Doom
The Powerful Ones

The Powerful Ones

The signs are everywhere, telling us they have been here since ancient times. What if our perception of the past is not what it seems? What if the ancient rulers of the world were not mere mortals but powerful beings from beyond our planet? With evidence spanning the globe, an archeology professor’s discovery challenges everything we thought we knew.

The Time Capsule

Two friends discover a chest buried in their backyard, but what they find inside leads them on a journey through time and space, unraveling a mystery that changes their lives forever.

Dreams for Sale – the Memory Merchant

Have you ever felt like you were dreaming someone else’s dream? What if you could choose to experience a dream of your choosing? In your dreams you could be someone else, experience a different world from your own, see the world through different eyes? What if you could buy dreams? In a world where dreams can be bought and sold, a young woman grapples with the consequences of her choice, leading to a real life confrontation with her worst fears.

(Final collection subject to change.)

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